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Why Choose Southeast?

The Philosophy Behind The Sox Program

Why Choose Southeast?: FAQ

Our Mission

Our Mission as an organization is to change the way travel ball is done. 

  1. We want to pursue a true development based program. 

  2. Be a solution to the questions parents have about recruitment and exposure. Eliminating the need for pricey recruitment services, or to attend over priced showcases.

  3. Truly care for each player inside of our organization and not just see them as a number. We want to see them succeed in all facets of life.

What does a Fall Season with the Southeast Sox look like?

The Southeast Sox do travel baseball a little differently. We are centered around a fall that truly develops players. We practice 5 days a week from August 3rd-January 13th. Our players receive the following:

  1. Nutrition Program: This is a program created for players to be able to set attainable goals of weight gain/loss. This program helps players to track their calories and gives meal plan templates. A sample of one of our nutrition programs can be found here  Southeast Sox Nutrition Program

  2. Weight Program created and ran by certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Asa Williams. This is one of the most important training aids we offer. College players are physically strong. An example can be found her. Southeast Sox Workout Programs.

  3. A highly structured practice routine that is broken down day by day, week by week, and month by month. The 2023 practice plan can be found here. Southeast Sox Development Plan

  4. All players inside of the Southeast Sox Program receives access to a nation wide college coach database of every single college in the nation from D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO Levels. For access to this sheet you must be a part of the organization. 

  5. Our players receive a high level and well thought out arm care and velocity development program geared toward gaining arm strength while also maintaining and increasing overall arm health. An example of our arm care program can be found here. Southeast Sox Arm Care Program

What does a Summer Season with the Southeast Sox look like?

1. An intense summer schedule that offers showcases with 15+ college coaches, private college visits, and high level national tournaments. The schedules intensity is geared towards the age group. Our current 2023 summer schedule can be found here. 2023 Summer Schedule

2. Professional coaching from ex pro and college players. No parental involvement.

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