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Our Proud Partners

Titans Sports Acadmey

The Southeast Sox are proud to be a part of the Titans Sports Academy. This is a huge step for the Sox organization. Giving us a solid home at a state of the art 24/7 indoor facility and access to some of the best coaches in the nation. We are proud to be a part of #Titansnation

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Axe Bat

Some of the best wood bats on the market. The Sox use their innovative handles to promote bat speed, bat path, and to ensure health of the Hamate bone. The Axe Bat Speed training system powered by Driveline Baseball is an essential part of our offensive training. The Sox hitters have seen an increase on average of 5.6 MPH of bat speed and 6.8 MPH of exit velocity, using the Axe Speed Trainers.

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Marc Pro Recovery Systems

The Sox are a huge fan of the Marc Pro Recovery System. Players have access to 5 different Marc pro units that help the players recover from the amount of practice and games they are subjected to. Our guys love the process!


Press Sports

Press Sports is the number one sports social media designed to give athletes ownerships over their careers. Players can post their highlights and get exposure to the hundreds of thousands of athletes, coaches, and fans that use the app every day. Going the app today and own your athletic journey.


Win Reality

Win Reality is allows players to train pitch recognition, live competition, zone recognition and reaction time all in virtual reality. This is some of the most advanced developmental technology around!

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TCS Post Grad Academy

TCS is one of the top post grad institutions in the nation. The Southeast Sox prefer and recommend TCS as their top post grad destination.

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